Abby Ober

Community Manager

Abby Ober joined the Tri-ED team in January 2019 as the Operations and Marketing Support Manager for Entrepreneurship. Prior to her role at Tri-ED, Abby served as the Operations and Marketing Manager at UpTech from 2015-2019. During her time at UpTech, Abby was instrumental in Marketing the UpTech program and active in recruiting startups from all around the world to move to Northern Kentucky and attend the 6-month accelerator program. During this time, UpTech was ranked as a top 30 accelerator in the nation. Throughout her time with UpTech she was involved in many different aspects of the organization from budgeting, grants, reporting, fund management, space management, marketing, events, and managing the UpTech intern program.

Abby graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Communication and a Public Relations Certificate.